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Fans of the Macabre in Carol Stream Unite for a Weekend of Spooky Fun

11/11/2020 (Permalink)

Carol Stream/ Arch Sepia We look forward to celebrating with the community at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center.

From Carol Stream to Downtown Chicago, Horror and Sci-Fi Fans Look Forward to the Days of the Dead. 

An annual celebration of the weird, the scary, and the paranormal converges once again on the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center beginning November 20th through the 22nd. Multiple panels introduce the audience to some of the biggest names and presences in the horror genre. This year, you can partake in Q&A sessions for films like Halloween, IT, and classic slasher films like Sleepaway Camp and Friday the 13th.

Those who want to showcase their creativity can get involved with the FX Makeup Challenge, the Chaostume Showdown, and the Scaryokee after-party event. The tickets start at just $25.00 and can be purchased through the official website for the event.

Mold might not be a horror movie villain, but it can leave you feeling uncomfortable. Let our SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale team help with mold remediation for your Carol Stream home. Give us a call today at (630) 830-6236.

What Makes Carol Stream a Steadily Popular Place to Live?

11/4/2020 (Permalink)

Jay & Carol Stream Jay Stream and his daughter Carol Stream.

Through its relatively short life, the village of Carol Stream has steadily grown into an attractive destination for those wanting to live outside of the city. 

There are subcommunities and suburbs surrounding Chicago that each presents their unique allures to potential homebuyers and residents. Because many of the restoration companies serving the Greater Chicago area are based in the city, it can often take much longer than it should to get help when you need it following a water, flood, or fire loss emergency. There are many reasons that people are finding Carol Stream a suitable place to call home, and its proximity to top-tier restoration services provided by SERVPRO is only one of these factors. 

Much like many of the other communities making up the Greater Chicago region, our village has grown exponentially along with our nearby anchor city's rapid ascent. We make up one of the third-largest municipal areas in the country, and since our first census in 1960 with a population of just over 800, we have grown steadily over the next 60 years to now provide a permanent home to nearly 40,000. 

A Short History of Carol Stream 

Many property owners living in Carol Stream and its surrounding communities do not know the full story of how it came to be. This was a town that was not originally meant to be, as it was scheduled to be a 400-unit housing development in Naperville, Illinois. Had there been less red tape for Jay Stream, the construction developer, and later founder of the village, the municipality would have never been developed to this extent. The decision to make a town came from the hope that it could one day grow enough so that commuting to Chicago was unnecessary and people could live and work in the same place. 

Despite what many believe, the village does not get its name from a nearby water body, but after the first and last name of the founder's daughter, Carol. During the village development, Carol was involved in an accident that ejected her from the vehicle and left her in a coma, unlikely to recover. Her father, Jay, was led to believe that positive news could help her condition and named the newly forming village after her. She did go on to make a full recovery, even participating in the events of the incorporation for the town in 1959. The city remains one of only a handful of locations in the country using someone's full name as a municipal name. 

All Roads Lead to Carol Stream 

A total of 6 significant roadways converge on the village, making the area heavily traveled by those coming to and from Chicago and its immediate surrounding areas. This connectivity also helps to bolster the allure and attractiveness of the village, as it stays directly connected to Chicago by only a reasonable 45-minute commute. This has allowed Carol Stream to continue to grow with new residents looking for an escape from the noise and bustle of more developed areas. 

Commuters can use North Avenue to travel the thirty miles into Chicago and other routes like Gary Avenue to travel north and south towards other prominent developments like Bloomingdale or the Stratford Square Mall, which has been serving the area for nearly 40 years. Even our experienced SERVPRO team utilizes these roads and routes to reach destinations quickly in a crisis to make it "Like it never even happened."

The Attractive Features 

Among the proximity to the city limits of Chicago, there are many attractive features of the area that have helped to make it a popular destination over the past several decades. Our region experiences all four seasons of the weather, unlike many other portions of the country. While this can lead to unfortunate circumstances in extreme conditions like polar vortexes to freeze pipes and get our SERVPRO team involved, it also offers favorable temperatures and conditions for the majority of the time. 

There are many developments in the Carol Stream area that have helped realize the original dream of Jay Stream to offer a place where residents could find gainful employment without commuting to the city. Many such companies have sprouted up within the municipal limits, offering thousands of jobs between them. Many companies provide positions above minimum wage for those looking to avoid the sometimes-taxing commute to inner-city Chicago. Among the most generous contributors to employment in the area are:

  • Hearthside Food Solutions 
  • American Litho
  • Grunt Style
  • FIC America Corp.
  • Office Depot
  • Federal Ground Package System 
  • Tyndale House 
  • Christianity Today

In addition to these growing manufacturing facilities and commercial structures, Carol Stream houses a sectional hub for the United States Postal Service for multiple zip codes. 

Fast and Reliable Water Restoration Services 

You might ask what water companies are near me in Carol Stream? Though there could be several answers to this question, few have the reliability, experience, and leading equipment as our SERVPRO professionals. With nearly our entire staff educated with a base Water Restoration Technician (WRT) accreditation from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), no customer has to wait for the mitigation of their home needs. 

We have reliable strategies for water removal that can begin as soon as our professionals arrive. Through an array of powerful tools, such as submersible pumps and wet vacuums, our technicians can remove surface water to prevent penetration that makes restoration and drying phases more involved or complicated. We even have extraction and drying solutions to release trapped moisture from porous materials, including: 

  • Engineered Wood Flooring
  • Plywood
  • Hardwood
  • Carpet
  • Padding

We appreciate the value of a fast response when every second counts, and that is why our warehouse positioning in Buffalo Grove can help us to reach disasters across our entire region within hours of the first notice of loss (FNOL.) Our SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale technicians are standing by 24/7 to help at (630) 830-6236. 

Experience Bloomington Like Lincoln Did

11/4/2020 (Permalink)

Abraham Lincoln Join us on an adventure, learning about the history of Abraham Lincoln in Bloomington.

See the places in Bloomington and hear the stories that shaped the political future of Abraham Lincoln. 

There is no mistaking the historical significance of the sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln. In Bloomington alone, there are multiple tours and events dedicated to his time spent as a representative for the state and the President. Looking for Lincoln is an ongoing tour that runs year-round that is self-guided with CD-audio tracks for multiple sites.

You can record this elaborate adventure with the help of the McLean County Museum of History passport program. This allows visitors to get stamps in their National Park Service passport for each site on the tour, and you can begin this passport process at any of the National Heritage sites on the Looking for Lincoln plan.

Whether it is one of the 13 historical sites on this tour or your personal business, SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale can help with debris removal and fire cleanup in Bloomington after a disaster. Give us a call at (630) 830-6236, anytime you need us.

How can SERVPRO Help with Inventory after Flood Damage in Bloomingdale?

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in property If you need help taking stock after flood damage, call SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236.

Bloomingdale Residents Unsure Where to Begin after Flood Damage?

Bloomingdale is a beautiful semi-rural area and one of the longest settled places in DuPage county. Every resident from the very beginning knows that the area is not immune to devastating storms and even tornadoes.

Thankfully these days, you do not have to struggle alone after flood damage to your Bloomingdale home. SERVPRO is on hand to help you. We clean up the damage and restore your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Why is inventory necessary?
When you first see your home after a storm, you might feel shocked and unsure of what to do next. Your belongings might be strewn around and soaked with water. You will wonder which you can save and which you must throw away.

Inventory at this stage is vital because:
    •    It will help you with your insurance claim
    •    Your insurance company will want a full list of losses
    •    If you try to rely on memory or guesswork, you could miss something

How can SERVPRO help with inventory?
We understand that it is difficult to tally your losses. That is why we take a systematic approach. We examine each room in turn and divide belongings into those we can save, those we cannot keep, and those we will decide on later. We enter every item into a spreadsheet and take supporting photographs. We can also liaise with your insurer and pass this information to them.

Can you save flood-damaged items?
We always aim to restore items where possible. We can:
    •    Dry wooden furniture
    •    Wash drapes and blinds
    •    Spot-clean some upholstery, depending on the extent of the damage

We can apply anti-microbial treatments if needed. We can also carry out repairs to your home, such as replacing wallpaper or drywall.

Please note that most insurers will ask you to replace like for like if we cannot save an item. In other words, you must replace an item with one of equal value. Some of our customers ask if they can take the opportunity to upgrade items by replacing them with something better – please talk to your insurer about this as in most cases, you will need to bear the extra cost.

If you need help taking stock after flood damage, call SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236.

Why Do Homeowners Benefit from Professional Mold Damage Help?

10/15/2020 (Permalink)

mold damage under a sink This Photo Calls for Professional Mold Remediation! Call SERVPRO for Fast Arrival to Your Bloomingdale Home

Advanced Training and Practical Experience Is Why SERVPRO Delivers Results for Bloomingdale Residents Needing Mold Removal

Finding or suspecting mold growth in your Bloomingdale home can be upsetting and a little frightening because of all the negative attention mold damage gets in the media. Mold spores are an unseen and usually benign fact of life in all homes. Unfortunately, if your dwelling has unresolved water damage or even high humidity in spaces like kitchens, laundry rooms, or bathrooms, spores absorb moisture and begin a growth cycle that proves challenging to resolve.

Can DIY Solutions Make Mold Damage Worse?

Homeowners in Bloomingdale who try mold removal on their own often experience frustration. The temptation is to stay “hands-off” because of mold’s reputation as a health concern, so spray-on solutions like over the counter mold “removers” or homemade bleach mixtures are often chosen. These products can lighten a mold stain temporarily, but the problem often comes back worse than before. A spray-bottle strategy cannot penetrate to the “root’ of the mold problem, the hyphae invading porous materials like drywall and unsealed grout. This inadequacy is why professionals take a different path.

How Do Professionals Manage Mold Removal?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) extensively researched the best ways to remediate mold damage, which is why SERVPRO follows its protocol. Although a broadcast spray of antimicrobials in the moldy space can precede a mold removal intervention to reduce the load of spores in the air, our other efforts include:

  • Containing the workspace with heavy plastic sheeting, frequently adding an air scrubber to force the mold debris-laden air through HEPA filters before exhaustion to the outside
  • Mechanically removing the mold with brushes and scrapers (technicians wearing personal protective equipment (PPE))
  • Using gentle abrasives like soda or dry ice blasting to remove surface mold from porous materials, while the abrasive chemical makeup also incapacitates the unseen hyphae
  • Vacuuming and wiping up residues, bagging them with the moldy materials for disposal as hazardous waste
  • Application of an EPA-registered antimicrobial to inhibit mold rebound

Understanding of the microbial life cycle is why SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale chooses the EPA protocol, with excellent results. Call us at (630) 830-6236 for a consultation to devise a personalized mold removal plan.

What is the Timeline of the Fire Restoration Process?

10/9/2020 (Permalink)

A fire damaged kitchen with a man sitting with his head in his hands At SERVPRO we know how devastating a fire damage can be. We will be right there beside you ready to work.

Carol Stream Homeowners Want to Know What to Expect During Fire Restoration

Busy homeowners in Carol Stream know the importance of keeping to a schedule. Whether it is a list of work deadlines, after school activities for the children, or a roster of social events, a program keeps everyone organized. When you know what is supposed to happen, and when, it is much easier to plan for an event.

Homeowners who need fire restoration in Carol Stream want a schedule too. A fire loss is a difficult enough situation as it is, and any uncertainty makes it worse. You are keen to know when you can return to your life.

What happens when you call SERVPRO?

After we receive a notification of a fire loss incident, we get in touch within the hour to arrange a visit to the blaze site. Our customers can rest easy, knowing that help is on the way.

How soon will SERVPRO arrive, and what happens then?

A franchise professional will arrive within four hours from the first call notifying us of a loss situation. There is a reason that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster:

  • Coming quickly means we can start the remediation process faster
  • We know that soot damage can get worse if left for too long
  • There may be leftover water from fire-fighting, which presents a risk of fungal growth if we do not deal with it

The first step after we arrive is a thorough assessment of the situation. This includes examining fire and soot damage and testing individual items to see if they are restorable, or if we must dispose of them. Our technicians work from the source of the fire outwards to determine what we can salvage and clean.

Our technicians will explain each step of the restoration process to you, so you understand:

  • What we are going to do
  • How long it will take
  • What results you can expect

What should homeowners do while waiting for SERVPRO to arrive?

Our customers often ask what they should do while waiting for SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale to arrive. The first step is to consider your safety and that of your family. Do not stay in your home if it is not safe to do so. Do not attempt to move any items if you are not confident that it is safe. Please be aware of the potential hazards from electricity, slip and fall risks, or structural damage.

However, there are some actions you can take if you can do so without risk of harm:

  • Place clean towels over carpets, rugs, and high-traffic areas
  • Protect HVAC vents by taping over a double layer of cheesecloth
  • Wipe down the leaves of houseplants
  • Spread a layer of petroleum jelly over chrome fixtures
  • If the electricity is out, you can prop open freeze and fridge doors, and empty the food

Please do not attempt to clean electrical appliances, carpets, drapes, walls, ceilings, or furniture. There is a risk of making the damage worse if these items are improperly cleaned. Do not switch on the ceiling fan, in case the ceiling is wet from fire-fighting efforts.

What happens after the homeowner agrees to the cleaning plan?

We will give verbal notice of the proposed cleaning plan to your insurance adjuster or property manager within eight hours. Following that, our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained technicians get to work.

We employ a range of techniques to fix soot damage to your home and belongings, including scrubbing and HEPA vacuuming for floors, walls, and ceilings. We can use baking soda blasting on exposed wood or brick, such as in basements or attics. We also wipe, scrub, and spot-clean furniture and upholstery.

When we have finished cleaning, we deodorize your home to leave it smelling “Like it never even happened.”

Do homeowners have to leave their houses, and when can they come back?

Whether homeowners need to vacate their property depends on the extent of fire damage. In some cases, we may also need to move your furniture and belongings to an off-site facility for cleaning while we restore your home.

We will keep you informed of progress at all times. We will also take careful inventory of your items before removal and bring them back afterward.

What happens after fire restoration?

When we are finished, we will do a final walk-through of your property with you to ensure you are satisfied. We will also follow up with you after a week to answer any questions you may have.

If you need swift and effective fire restoration, call SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236.

Can My Hardwood Floors In My Carol Stream Home Be Restored After Water Damage?

9/16/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home Our goal is to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Technicians Employ Advanced Technology to Restore Flooring in Carol Stream Homes

When any type of water intrusion occurs in a Carol Stream home, damaged flooring is one of the main problems. It is a situation that SERVPRO technicians deal with on a daily basis. If this case, a pipe burst, spilling water into the kitchen and living room and impacting the hardwood floors.

What Can Happen to Hardwood Floors When Wet?
To salvage your floors, you need to get professional help immediately. The longer the water is absorbed, the worse it becomes for the flooring materials. The water needs extracting as quickly as possible. There is an acceptable amount of moisture for hardwood floors, usually around 10%. If the levels go above that, especially for extended times, damage can occur. The planks can distort, and the subflooring can have problems. Buckling, cupping, and crowning are the result of the planks and strips becoming distorted. Water cleanup in Carol Stream is needed to prevent this from happening.

Restoring Hardwood Floors
Our technicians can restore the flooring if swift action is taken. Our truck-mounted extractors can connect to special floor mats that pull moisture from several layers. This ensures that water in the subflooring gets appropriately extracted. The crew also uses air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the floor thoroughly.

Comprehensive Restoration Service
When there is water damage, more than flooring can be affected. SERVPRO can restore the following:
    •    Structural elements
    •    Furniture
    •    Carpet and padding
    •    Household items
    •    Linens and drapes
    •    Books and documents
    •    Wood items

Our goal is to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.” We restore rather than replace whenever possible. If water intrudes on your home, do not let it sit. Prevent permanent floor damage by calling in the experts. Contact SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236 for expert flood damage service. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Fire Effects Threaten Multiple Units of Your Carol Stream Apartment Complex?

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

Apartments SERVPRO has the experienced technicians with the equipment and expertise your apartment complex needs after a fire incident. Give us a call right away

Restoring units for several tenants is the property manager's responsibility, making professional fire restoration critical to begin immediately after a disaster. 

Any fire loss situation to one of the apartments in a Carol Stream complex that you own can be devastating to the unit. Confined spaces can often mean thicker smoke and soot residues, and greater concentrations of smoke and burning odors. As challenging as this situation might be for an individual apartment when you consider that multiple units adjacent and adjoining through shared walls and floor/ceiling systems could also become impacted, there is a sense of urgency to restore the damage. 

As a leading team for fire restoration in Carol Stream and the Greater Bloomingdale area, we have effective strategies to manage fire effects in communal areas like the lobby and hallways, but also the direct impact to residences that you must address when disasters strike your structure. 

What Threats Are the Most Problematic for Restorers? 

Several loss effects and damaged areas can give our restoration team the most trouble with the property's recovery, including:

  • Soot/Smoke Residues – Partial combustion can leave thick residues on an apartment's walls and contents, which often takes several products and approaches to remove entirely. 
  • Air Quality Control – Circulating soot and debris can be hazardous to those exposed without the appropriate personal protective equipment and can spread quickly through trafficked areas like hallways. 
  • Smoke Odors – Combustion creates harsh and noxious scents that spread in communal areas, but can also penetrate porous building materials to damage neighboring apartments to the source.
  • Structural Weaknesses – Fires can be highly destructive to structural elements like joists, supports, flooring, and ceiling materials. Controlled demolition and build back are almost always needed after structure fires. 

Because so many tenants can become affected by a single loss incident, it is essential to entrust the property to capable fire restorers like our SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale team at (630) 830-6236.

See more about Carol Stream.

How Do Carol Stream Homes Get Restored After Flash Floods?

9/7/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damaged kitchen Whenever disasters strike, you can count on the fast response of our SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale team to help.

Flash floods can develop with little warning and leave many Carol Stream homes and businesses throughout the area damaged by rapidly changing conditions like rising waters in the streams and creeks.

Flash flooding conditions are among the most alarming for Carol Stream neighborhoods as these emergencies can simultaneously impact several properties. Even with preparation and warning, there is little that can be done to entirely prevent the damage that rushing water and rapidly rising natural flooding can do. Most of the actions that homeowners can take in these situations are reactive, meaning that the damage has already occurred. Now, professional flood restoration companies like our SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale team are responding with efficient mitigation and recovery strategies.

With flood damage in Carol Stream being a common threat through the spring and summer months, it is vital to know whom to call when these disasters strike. Lower-lying properties throughout the city have contended with flood losses multiple times in just the recent years, prompting many of these homeowners to install diversion channels equipment in the basement. Sump pumps and drains can often prevent water pooling in these lower levels, but those without these diversion options often experience the worst damage.

What Areas of a Home Get Damaged During Flash Flooding?
Flash flooding here in Illinois often results from either a slow-moving storm system that is unloading substantial amounts of rainfall or several systems passing through in quick succession. Excessive runoff finds its ways to creek beds, streams, and other water bodies to become an overwhelming force against nearby homes and businesses. When flash flooding moves towards your home, several areas could become damaged almost immediately:

    •    Basement - Lower levels of houses are not uncommon in our neighborhoods, so windows and vents for the subterranean level become points of entry for forceful flooding conditions.
    •    Siding - With no points of your foundation above grade, the veneer and brickwork of your home go right to the ground level. When exposed to devastating flood water with debris and other solids, the siding could become destroyed.
    •    Foundation – Exposed foundations can fall victim to the immense pressure that high volumes of water can produce. Hydrostatic force can push the wall of water through cracks and vulnerabilities in masonry to reach your basement.
    •    First Floor – When your home does not have a basement level and instead is sitting on a concrete slab as a foundation, rising water can quickly surpass your home's thresholds and enter the first floor.
    •    Garage – Garages have little defense for water that overwhelms grating and drains in front of the bay door. Once debris blocks the grating of this drain, water can easily enter your garage area.

What Extraction Options Are Best for Natural Flooding?
Removing standing water is a vital need after your home is a victim of flash flooding. While water outside your home can subside, the several inches or feet of pooling in your basement requires effective extraction solutions to resolve. Because flash floods welcome extensive debris and solids into your home along with the water, electric submersible pumps that would often be ideal for water removal are ineffective. Instead, our SERVPRO team utilizes flood removal tools that can also pass debris and smaller solids, such as:

    •    Trash Pumps
    •    Wet Vacuums
    •    Truck-Mount Extractors

With surface water almost entirely addressed, we can begin vital muck-out cleaning for the property. This process removes mud, debris, solids, and other potential contaminants from the house. Extracted water can also help to identify exposed materials that must get discarded and later replaced by our in-house contractors.

Is Controlled Demolition Necessary?
As much as many homeowners might assume that flood recovery involves drying the house and wipe cleaning the surfaces that got dirty, there is often a higher risk of contamination, bacteria, and viral pathogens to consider. The movement of rushing floodwater can encounter multiple damaging substances, chemicals, and other degrading biological debris that creates a health hazard. Our contractors must remove exposed materials and replace them to ensure that these blackwater incidents do not become a threat to occupants of the house or responding technicians. Choices in controlled demolition involve:

    •    Contamination Exposure
    •    Structural Deterioration
    •    Saturation
    •    Mold/Microbial Threats

Multiple threats can result from unexpected flooding in the area. Because flash floods can develop over just a few hours, there is often little that can be done to thwart the damage your home could experience completely. Whenever disasters strike, you can count on the fast response of our SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale team to help. We are available 24/7 at (630) 830-6236.

Should I Try to Get Rid of the Water in My Carol Stream House Before Calling Fire Damage Experts?

8/29/2020 (Permalink)

burned picture surrounded by ashes Fire damage in your home can take a long time to fix if not taken care of properly. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation services.

SERVPRO Is a Full-Service Disaster Recovery Company, Able to Handle the Entire Spectrum of Fire Damage Tasks in Carol Stream

The quantity and devastating effects of firefighting water can be shocking to Carol Stream residents coping with the aftermath of a household blaze. Hiring a company with highest quality skills in both water and fire damage management and remediation is the smartest decision, streamlining the recovery process with using best practices for both types of disasters.

Do All Fire Scenes Require Water Damage Mitigation as an Initial Phase?

It is rare to assess fire damage in a Carol Stream residence without at least some level of water loss. The firefighters who come to your aid do not stint on water as a deterrent to catastrophic destruction. Many homes today have sprinkler systems that engage in response to heat or smoke. Water must be managed first because of:

  • A wide range of safety issues, including slip, trip, and fall and electric shock
  • Contaminants in the water from the fire residues
  • The potential of eventual and severe secondary damage, including structural collapse from the weight of the water and mold growth

Can Our Crews Handle Both Water and Fire Damage?

SERVPRO’s workforce masters industry standards for water removal and structural drying as well as fire debris and residue cleanup through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) comprehensive training course catalog. We arrive with all the water detection, extraction, and drying equipment in our service vehicles, never missing a beat. We begin the water mitigation and remediation as our project manager assesses and plans for all following phases of the fire damage restoration project.

The broad range of mitigation and remediation services offered by SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale permits comprehensive fire damage relief for our residential customers. Call (630) 830-6236 before the firefighters leave so we can arrive promptly to evaluate and plan for restoration.

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