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Water Damage in Downtown Chicago Needs Professional Mitigation

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

Water on a kitchen floor SERVPRO works swiftly to provide fast and efficient water damage restoration in your Chicago home.

What Makes SERVPRO a Premier Water Damage Mitigation Service in Downtown Chicago?

Apart from ruining your property, water damage at your Downtown Chicago home can disrupt your normal lifestyle leading to stress and uncertainty. Professionals can help get your water-damaged home back in order and ease some of that stress. However, it is crucial to pick a restoration service that is experienced, qualified, dedicated, and driven.

SERVPRO’s team of highly trained technicians has a focused approach to water damage mitigation in Downtown Chicago that is both fast and effective. Our technicians adhere to the standards recommended by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) throughout the process. The Official SERVPRO Downtown Operators make the process as transparent as possible and keep you in the loop at every level, so you know the actual state of progress.

Remediation Procedures for Water Cleanup

Water damage restoration involves several work activities in a highly synchronized manner. Once the SERVPRO techs arrive at the site, they set up a staging area from where all the restoration activities are coordinated. We put a lot of stock in organizing the staging area for improved efficiency. 

The remediation procedures involve the following steps:

  • Ensuring the safety of occupants and workers: Some water damage instances contain significantly contaminated (Category 2) or grossly contaminated (Category 3) water requiring special safety considerations. While gloves are usually enough for Category 2, Category 3 water requires more extreme measures, including evacuation of occupants and PPE suits for workers.
  • Establishing engineering controls: It is crucial to limit the spread of contamination to unaffected areas of the building, and to minimize this cross-contamination, SERVPRO techs establish appropriate engineering controls. Containment chambers equipped with negative air machines (NAM) are set up to limit the flow of the contaminated air.
  • Extraction of water: Standing water, if present from storm damage, needs to be extracted along with any solid waste, silt, and debris. SERVPRO techs use extractors, submersible, and trash pumps to get the job done.
  • Humidity control: Techs install dehumidifiers to control the humidity and minimize moisture migration, potential secondary damage, and microbial amplification.
  • Cleaning and decontaminating: Pressure washing, wet cleaning, and HEPA vacuuming is done to clean and decontaminate the exposed materials. If the decontamination is not accomplished by cleaning alone, techs use appropriate biocides.

Equipment SERVPRO Techs Use During Water Mitigation

SERVPRO techs can have fast and efficient water mitigation in your Downtown Chicago home using several industry-grade equipment and products capable of handling all size disasters.

  • Inspection devices such as moisture sensors and Thermal imaging cameras help restorers locate the areas of the structure into which moisture has intruded. Moisture sensing devices also allow the restorers to track the progress of the remediation process.
  • Extraction equipment like extraction units and pumps are an integral part of the restoration process.
  • Air movers (producing high-velocity airflow) enhance evaporation by introducing airflow at the surface level, replacing the cool, saturated boundary layer with warmer, drier air from dehumidifiers while sweeping water molecules into the air.
  • Dehumidifying equipment extracts the excess moisture from the air reducing the humidity ratio to speed up the drying process.

SERVPRO is committed to serving the Downtown Chicago community with industry-leading restoration and mitigation service. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster and work tirelessly to get the job done the right way. From small spills, major plumbing failure, to stormwater flooding, you can rely on us to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236 with any questions or queries. Our techs are available 24/7 to assist you.

Expert Fire Damage Cleanup in Downtown Chicago Saves Money

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

flames on a black background Our certified team makes fire damage in Chicago “Like it never even happened.”

Restorative Cleaning by SERVPRO Reduces the Fire Restoration Cost in Downtown Chicago

Professional cleaning and restoration services can help you reduce the cost of a fire damage claim in Downtown Chicago. Rather than relying solely on replacing or resurfacing a fire-damaged item, professionals focus on restorative cleaning techniques to get the materials to preloss condition. Cleaning and restoration services often cost only a fraction of replacement or resurfacing, thereby saving on damage claims.

SERVPRO techs apply certain principles and elements of cleaning during fire damage restoration of your Downtown Chicago property. A successful restorative cleaning requires the official SERVPRO Downtown Operator to thoroughly know the effects of fire and smoke on various surfaces.

Principles of Cleaning Used During House Fire Cleanup

SERVPRO has developed an industry-leading scientific fire damage restoration system that closely adheres to the guidelines set forth by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The basic principles of our restorative cleaning strategy include-

  • Locating the smoke and soot residue by thoroughly inspecting the affected area. The inspection starts at the source of the fire, and the restorers trace how far the smoke has moved.
  • Identifying the type of smoke residue comes next. Not all smoke residues are alike and different types of smoke residues can exist in the same loss environment. Identifying the residue is crucial to pick the correct cleaning method that is effective and efficient.
  • Identifying the types of surfaces affected by fire damage is equally important. Depending on the type and porosity of the surface, the SERVPRO restorers decide which cleaning method and products are suitable.
  • As the smoke residues bind to the surfaces they contact, the following principle involves identifying a technique to capture the residue using an appropriate wet or dry cleaning method.
  • Once the residue is captured, it needs to be disposed of, and the debris and cleaning waste.

Cleaning Actions SERVPRO Techs Use to Dislodge Soils from Surfaces 

The restorative cleaning process must break the bonds between the soils and the surfaces. SERVPRO techs use four cleaning actions to break the bonds and dislodge the soils from various surfaces.

  • Mechanical action: It is one of the most effective ways of dislodging soil from a surface. Cleaning dry, non-greasy residues is most effective using mechanical action. However, SERVPRO techs routinely use this cleaning method to pre-clean excess residue before using other cleaning methods.
  • Lubrication: Lubrication aims to reduce the force of attraction between the soil particles and the surfaces by using lubricating agents like detergents.
  • Chemical action: In some cases, the soils need to be chemically altered before being removed from a fire-damaged surface. Enzyme cleaners and bleaching agents change the chemical structure of the soil, making it easy to remove.
  • Suspension and dispersion: One of the most common cleaning actions is loosening the smoke and soot residues and suspending or dispersing them in a cleaning product.
  • Dissolving the soil with solvent: Solvents are cleaning agents that are not water-based and are used when water-based cleaning agents might cause damage to the surfaces. SERVPRO techs use Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved solvents during the restorative cleaning.

Involving the professionals as soon as possible can prevent any long-term damage to your Downtown Chicago home. SERVPRO works hard to restore your property “Like it never even happened.”

If you need assistance with restoration after fire damage, call SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236; after all, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

It Pays to Hire Pros for Mold Damage Repair in Downtown Chicago

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

mold damage near a window When you discover mold damage in your Chicago home, contact SERVPRO. We are Here to Help.

How Do SERVPRO Experts Handle Mold Damage Remediation in Downtown Chicago?

Discovering mold damage in your Downtown Chicago home is not a pleasant experience. Unmitigated mold can wreak havoc on your property and cause structural damage. Professionals like SERVPRO have the training, skill, and tools to get your home back to preloss condition while maintaining high safety standards.

The primary goal of SERVPRO during the mold damage repair of your Downtown Chicago property is to clean the contamination and remediate the conditions that cause the mold to spread. Microbes, including mold spores, are an integral part of our indoor environment, and no amount of mitigation can guarantee their complete removal. Consequently, Official SERVPRO Downtown Operators implement cleaning strategies and measures that eliminate visible mold and prevent their growth beyond normal levels. We work hard to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Principles of Professional Mold Removal

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) suggests five general principles to remediate mold-contaminated structures and materials. SERVPRO is one of the few restorers in the Downtown Chicago area that implements IICRC recommendations as closely as possible. Applying these principles requires the SERVPRO techs to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach that involves collaborating with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) professionals and Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP).

The five principles of remediation include:

  • Providing for the safety of Occupants and workers: The safety of our techs and the occupants is a top priority for SERVPRO. Hence, we employ a combination of engineering controls and specialized work practices for activities that disturb mold to limit the risk of exposure.
  • Documenting the conditions and work process: The IICRC asserts that an effective mold remediation plan can’t be developed without determining the extent of the damage. SERVPRO techs often take help from Indoor Environmental Professionals sampling, testing, and subsequent assessment of the scope of mold infestation.
  • Controlling the contamination at its source: Aerosolized mold spores are tough to capture, and hence restorers work hard to maintain the contamination as close to its source as possible. SERVPRO techs often use source containment to prevent the dispersal of mold spores during the mold removal process.
  • Physically removing the contamination: In contrast to some restorers, SERVPRO techs rely on removing the contamination rather than killing or encapsulating to solve the problem. Physical removal is one method that can minimize the chances of recontamination. Some mold remediation methods do include salvaging infested materials.
  • Correct the moisture problem to prevent recontamination: Mold growth is virtually inevitable if moisture is not controlled as spores are everywhere at background levels. SERVPRO understands that moisture problems must be identified, corrected, and managed as soon as possible for effective remediation.

Why are Engineering Controls Important?

SERVPRO techs often use meticulous engineering controls to prevent cross-contamination and assure worker safety. According to the IICRC, engineering controls are the first line of defense for ensuring the safety of workers and occupants and should include the following:

  • Isolation of affected areas by erecting physical barriers using polyethylene sheeting material.
  • During remediation, HVAC registers, building openings, and fixtures are often sealed off.
  • Pressure differentials control the airflow between contaminated and uncontaminated building regions. A pressure differential of ≥ 5 Pascals (0.02 inches of water gauge) is usually set up to prevent the migration of spores.

SERVPRO stands out among other restoration companies thanks to our scientific, no-nonsense, transparent approach and excellent customer service.

Call SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236; We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Getting Professional Restoration Assistance for Fire Damage to Your West Chicago Home

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

Close up of water being sprayed onto burning building your home from smoke and fire damage, along with the water damage caused by efforts used to put the fire out.

SERVPRO is Here when Your Home Experiences Fire Damage

When your West Chicago home falls victim to a fire, you might be overwhelmed with all of the damage that it has done. Even without resounding structural impairment, the lingering effects of both the blaze and the extinguishing efforts require immediate attention to continue to live in your house comfortably. A typical complaint about those who have recently endured similar incidents in their own homes is the lingering smoke smell and water damage that resulted from extinguishing efforts.

While the fire damage to your West Chicago home might seem complicated to grasp at first, there is professional restoration help that is only a phone call away. Our SERVPRO team consists of IICRC certified specialists with the tools and expertise to handle even the most significant disasters. When a lasting foul odor and excessive water damage are left behind after a recent fire in your home, our team is well equipped to combat these effects.

Water damage following fire extinguishing can be challenging to live with, especially if there is standing water still left in the affected areas of your home. When our SERVPRO technicians first arrive, we focus on preventing damages from getting any worse. We do this by boarding up or tarping over any windows that have gotten broken out or presenting holes in your walls or roof. This coverage prevents further elemental damage while our restoration process's extraction and drying steps are underway.

Our extraction techniques involve truck-mounted pumps, portable submersible pumps, and wet vacs. The combined efforts of all of this equipment successfully pull up standing water and allow for the drying portion of the process to get started. Drying typically gets accomplished using air movers directed at lasting moisture in the floors and walls of the affected area.

Deodorization is part of our restoration process to handle the lingering smoke smell that can also be hard to manage. We utilize different tools such as foggers and ozone machines to affect the noxious smell at a molecular level. Our odorless chemical compounds react with foul odor molecules and nullify them entirely.

Fire damage does not have to be an overwhelming experience to face alone. Call our experienced SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale team whenever disaster strikes. We can be reached anytime at (630) 830-6236.

Protecting Your Lombard Home's Garage from Flood Damage

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

Outside view of garage door One of the first areas affected by excess water after a storm is the garage of your Lombard area home.

Protecting Your from Flood Damage

One of the first areas affected by excess water after a storm in the garage of your Lombard area home. Flooding can lead to significant damages that prevent you from performing daily activities. However, you can help prevent flooding in your garage by following a few simple tips.

If you find yourself dealing with flood damage on your Lombard area property, call a professional for help eliminating the problem immediately. Remember, taking swift, decisive action can help prevent additional losses, contamination, and corrosion that take a severe toll on your home over time.

Provide your garage with the proper protection against water intrusion by maintaining weatherstripping or water sealants where necessary. Seals around your garage door, windows, and doors can efficiently prevent minor flooding. However, these seals degrade over time, so maintenance is essential to avoid significant damage to your property.

You can have your home and garage inspected by a qualified professional that understands how water behaves. SERVPRO can help you identify existing problems and suggest steps to take to protect your property. Checking your foundation for cracks or additional damage can prevent water from seeping into your home, making unprotected areas less vulnerable during a flood.

Have the drainage around your home maintained regularly. Broken gutters and downspouts play a significant role in protecting your home, as do drainage, backflow valves, and sump pumps. Having the proper drainage installed along your driveway can help lead excess water away from your structure, serving as a second line of defense against flooding.

When flood barriers or sandbags fail, the installation of flood vents allows flood waters to enter and exit your garage unobstructed, preventing water build-up that allows standing water to damage your property and stored belongings. SERVPRO technicians can help you prepare your garage and home against flood damage that might occur in your area.

SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale has IICRC certified technicians available 24 hours a day, giving you full access to the personnel, equipment, and resources needed to successfully clean and restore your home (630) 830-6236.

Carol Stream Water Damage Repair Happens Fast with SERVPRO

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

Two toddlers playing in full bathtub Water Damage happens, and the science behind drying is includes the air temperature and relative humidity.

Drying Carol Stream Homes During Water Damage Repair

One of the critical processes during water damage repair of your Carol Stream home is drying of the wet surfaces. Several thermodynamic properties of the air, such as temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure, can influence the rate of drying.

SERVPRO techs manipulate temperature and humidity levels during water damage repair of your Carol Stream home. Restorative drying aims to create the best possible conditions without causing secondary damage. SERVPRO restorers use dehumidifiers to reduce the air's water vapor content, causing a drop in the vapor pressure. As wet surfaces have higher vapor pressure, the water moves from wet surfaces into the air causing rapid drying.

The Role of Temperature on Water Clean Up

The air temperature also plays a crucial role in the water damage repair of your Carol Stream home. Warm air holds more water vapor than cold air. As evaporation causes cooling, drying a structure after water damage often results in a reduction in temperature.

If the relative humidity reaches 100% and the temperature falls below the dew point, moisture from the air is released back in the form of condensation on cooler surfaces. SERVPRO techs determine the dew point and vapor pressure using psychrometric charts.

While drying the structure, the SERVPRO restorers maintain the inside temperature above the dew point. Some of the most common equipment that they use to make it happen to include:

  • Portable electric heaters
  • Direct expansion units (Mostly for commercial buildings)
  • Air conditioning units

If you need help with water cleanup of your property, call SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236. 

How to Safely Remove Floodwaters From Bloomingdale Homes

5/8/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded room of a house with water covering the floor Water removal and drying services are what we are known for. Call our certified technicians to assess the situation and put together a plan for you.

Flood Water Removal service in line with EPA guidelines for Bloomingdale residents

Draining a property or room of vast quantities of water presents many challenges for a restorer. First and foremost, we need to assess the level of water contamination, which is determinable by visual inspection as well as studying the source of the spill. Floodwaters typically register with high levels of water contamination because they are likely to imbibe various materials en route to your property. These materials may include pesticides, raw sewage, debris, rust, mud, or viruses.

We also need to understand the unique architecture and infrastructure of your property that requires flood water removal in Bloomingdale. Understanding where open sewer points are, as well as the category of sewer, can help to assist SERVPRO when it comes to removing wastewaters safely. Sometimes there may not be a suitable external sewer point in which case water ducts need rerouting back into the property. Other times, sewer backup or the potential for clogging may mean that wastewater storage is necessary as well as the transport to a wastewater facility.

We inform our approach per guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as local councils. SERVPRO technicians dispose of wastewaters responsibly and can mobilize the necessary equipment to do so at a moment's notice. After answering the critical questions on how to dispose of our transport water from the flooded property, we can begin to set up the appropriate equipment.

SERVPRO utilizes three types of water removal pumping equipment, depending on the type of task at hand. Electric submersible pumps are among the most common providing the right balance between lift capacity and volume, which are ideal for upper level or ground level drainage. When water contains solid-waste, we can deploy self-priming trash pumps. For underground garages, high-pressure pumps can help us to transport water from lower to upper levels.

When large quantities of water enter your home, you need to remove it quickly to avoid risking permanent damages. Contact SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236.

Professionals Help Handle Fire Damage Restoration in Carol Stream Safely

5/8/2022 (Permalink)

a fire damaged top of a home with smoke and fire billowing from the windows Recent fire in your home? Team SERVPRO will quickly assess and formulate a custom fire damage remediation plan that will work for your situation.

A Certified Team of Fire Restoration Experts is Crucial When Carol Stream Homes Suffer Fire Damage

When a fire happens in a Carol Stream home, its residents have to worry about many things. From saving their belongings to making sure the structure is safe, the whole process may appear overwhelming. On top of those concerns, homeowners also wonder whether they should stay in the home or not. To make the best decision and preserve your safety and that of your loved ones, call a reputable team for help.

For fire damage restoration in Carol Stream and to base your next steps on actual facts, SERVPRO is here to help. We are available around the clock to dispatch a team to your home and create an individualized plan to help mitigate your damage. Each fire brings its own set of circumstances which vary based on what caused the flames, how it traveled, and what it ravished in its wake. When our team arrives, we approach your home with safety in mind and make a recommendation on the next steps.

Some aspects of fire and smoke damage restoration to consider when deciding to stay or leave home may include-

  • Air quality- smoke and smell particles linger long before the flames are gone, making it unpleasant to breathe. In our efforts, we address air quality with equipment such as ozone generators and air scrubbers.
  • Staging areas- to clean items and avoid secondary damage, we may set up a staging area in your home. Our team may erect physical barriers to prevent cross-contamination and might discourage human traffic from one section to the other.
  • Ventilation- smoke and soot travel easily through ventilation systems, and we may have to prevent all-home circulation to stop its spread.

SERVPRO of Carol Stream/East Bloomingdale is your ally when a fire happens. Call (630) 830-6236 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

We Get You Back In Business In Carol Stream After A Water Damage Disaster

5/8/2022 (Permalink)

water leaking through ceiling tiles and damaging them Office water damage can happen very fast and will certainly prevent work. Call SERVPRO 24/7 to assess the damage and formulate a remediation plan.

Twice the Commercial Water Damage in Carol Stream Office

When commercial water damage strikes, it is vital that the extraction and drying process begins as fast as possible to limit loss to the structure and contents. However, sometimes unexpected things happen.

After a pipe burst in a ceiling resulting in commercial water damage in a Carol Stream office building, there were copious amounts of water on the floor. After extraction of the water in the affected areas, intense storms rolled through the area, and a previously damaged portion of the roof resulted in more water entering the property through the drop ceiling.

Actions to Halt Further Loss

SERVPRO technicians tarp over damaged roof areas, so no further water enters the property while restoration services are ongoing. They use portable pumps to pull the moisture out of the carpeting and remove the baseboards so they can extract the water before it wicks into the sheetrock.

Drying Configurations

Part of each SERVPRO technician's extensive training includes devising the best method to dry each property they work on. Glue-down carpet tends to delaminate when exposed to moisture for too long. The techs work quickly to extract as much water as possible with their equipment so they can move on to the drying phase of restoration. They carefully set up air movers to deliver the maximum amount of airflow to the structure and strategically place the dehumidification equipment to ensure the moisture gets ported away as the loss area dries.

Wet Contents and Limiting Disruption

The techs try to create as little disturbance as possible when they perform their water damage restoration services. Any contents moved to another area for cleaning gets documented, photographed, and included in a detailed report. They have specialized equipment for drying essential documents vital to the business. In the case of electronics compromised by water, the techs can bring in a certified expert to determine if the devices are safe for reuse or need repairs.

Commercial water damage needs fast cleanup. Call SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236, and the techs arrive on-site quickly to make the water loss, "Like it never even happened."

We Act Fast To Limit More Damage To Your Rogers Home After A Water Damage Disaster

4/10/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded laundry room with water everywhere and laundry baskets floating Washing machines can dump a large amount of water on your washroom floor. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services. Call us 24/7.

What Professional Water Removal Looks Like in Rogers

Do-it-yourself water clean up with a bucket and a mop stands in stark contrast to the high-efficiency equipment operated by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained crews we send to help at your Rogers home. If a plumbing break, overflow, or appliance mishap leaves a room or level of your dwelling swimming, give our team a chance to show you how fast and thoroughly we can clear the water.

Water Damage Has Many Causes

Whether your kids showered with the door open, the washing machine pump broke, or a supply pipe ruptured in a wall, the prognosis is the same -- damage is around the corner unless you arrange water removal for your Rogers home. Reacting with towels and mops only handles the tip of the iceberg that water damage unfortunately becomes. Call in the experts.

Water and Its Damage Migrates

When water spreads across a floor, it keeps moving. The journey can include detours under flooring, seepage beneath baseboards, rapids down stars, and pooling in building cavities. Carpeting absorbs, insulation deteriorates, and personal possessions at floor level get very wet. With so much going on the crew sent by SERVPRO can divide up the water removal tasks.

Water Destroys Structures and Contents Quickly

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO’s mission has at its foundation the need to rid your home of standing water damage and dry it out completely within 24 to 48 hours. Conventional construction materials and contents like furnishings and carpeting weaken, tear, swell, crumble, and distort as they take on water. Opportunistic molds and mildews fueled by water grow and begin their damage unless moisture levels reduce to normal. 

Water Damage Has One Solution

One of SERVPRO’s core services is fast and comprehensive water removal. Our managers and technicians are trained, skilled, and experienced, and our equipment is state of the art. When we arrive, the pumps and extractors are ready to roll off our service vehicles immediately. The second wave of air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers wait for their turn after the visible water is gone. 

SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale demonstrates the power of professional water removal with every project successfully completed. Line up our crew to make it “Like it never even happened,” by calling (630) 830-6236.