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Preserving the Charm of Carol Stream After a Fire Loss

3/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo You can depend on our SERVPRO teams to cleanup and restore your property and personal belongings after a fire takes place.

Fires can be Devastating, but our Fast Response can make it "Like it never even happened."

In a community estimated to be home to over 39,000, Carol Stream continues to grow as a predominantly residential area. Unlike other bedroom communities for Chicago, multiple commercial properties and businesses have grown footholds in the town. This was always the intention of the developer creating this community in the 1950s and 60s. Carol Stream was meant to be a place that families never had to leave to find what they needed. This was an aspiring goal for the construction being so close to the country's third-largest city.

'A Great Place to Live and Work'

The motto of this substantially sized community is 'A Great Place to Live and Work.' This embodies the original spirit and optimism of developer Jay Stream. From 1959's earliest meetings about the town's development, it was always in the works for corporations to set up shop and thrive within the area to provide stable and gainful employment to residents. By envisioning a town where people did not need to commute to Chicago, they could have a quieter and less bustling life outside of Wheaton, IL, where Stream purchased the land to break ground on this development.

The town would get named after Jay Stream's daughter, Carol, after becoming involved in a devastating car accident. After nearly four months in a coma, Carol would awaken to finally see the village that shared her name.

A Bedroom Community for the Greater Chicago Area

Despite the intentions to be self-sustaining from the magnetism of employment opportunities and business in Chicago, Carol Stream would ultimately partially become a bedroom community within the sprawling metropolitan area. Those that do not mind a reasonable commute of just 29 miles on the roadways can often reach the cities in less than an hour outside of peak travel times. The primary route from Carol Stream to inner-city Chicago follows interstates 355 and 290.  

Can SERVPRO Provide Fire Restoration Services in Carol Stream?

Fire restoration for Carol Stream homes and businesses means much more than just cleaning up after these disasters. True recovery of your home is multi-layered. It encompasses the skills of multiple technicians on our roster. Beyond Fire & Smoke Restoration certifications, our team can also help with accreditations in related niches such as:

  • Carpet Cleaning (CCT)
  • Odor Control (OCT)
  • Applied Structural Drying (ASD)
  • Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning (UFT)

With a general contractor license, we can also provide a wealth of services such as repairs and reconstruction where your property needs. This license can help with immediate actions like debris removal and controlled demolition as well.

Fire losses can be devastating for your home without immediate action to mitigate loss and begin returning the property to preloss condition. Give our SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale team a call to help today at (630) 830-6236.

What are Best Practices for Handling Water Remediation?

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged laundry room No company can top the services of SERVPRO. Their technicians are IICRC certified and ready for any job.

Calling SERVPRO to your Carol Stream Home for professional water remediation brings fast, efficient results!

Reaching for a mop and bucket when you have a significant water leak in your Carol Stream home will not get you the results you need. At SERVPRO, we arrive with skilled technicians and advanced equipment to pull up all the standing water and address all areas where hidden moisture may be lurking.

Part of our water remediation services in Carol Stream includes measuring the moisture levels in the air or within wet materials. Our Green Fleet comes equipment with moisture detection equipment such as:

  • Moisture Sensors – used for detecting moisture in baseboards, walls, and carpets
  • Moisture Meters – used to determine moisture content in a broad range of materials
  • Thermo-Hygrometers – used to measure relative humidity and air temperature throughout the home

Using one or more of the tools listed above, our IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT) adjust our cleanup and drying measures based on calculations. This allows us to monitor dew point, vapor pressure, and humidity to better achieve our goals for making it “Like it never even happened.”

There is nothing like the water remediation services we have to offer at SERVPRO of Carol Stream/East Bloomingdale. Call us at (630) 830-6236 for an emergency response. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster!

Handling Mold Removal in Your Retail Space

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage ceiling A small mold infestation can turn into something big fast. Call the SERVPRO team for mold remediation services.

SERVPRO helps Carol Stream business owners with careful, efficient mold removal processes!

As a Carol Stream business owner, you need to ensure your retail location is a pleasant environment for all customers coming through the doors. Should you suspect mold development, you need to act fast before it multiplies. SERVPRO is available for mold remediation services to ensure your commercial space is Certified: SERVPRO Clean!

Mold travels through the air and colonizes rapidly when given the right environment, which is why you need prompt action for mold removal in Carol Stream. These are some things that you need to know about mold and the potential harm it can cause:

  • Mold is microscopic and easily becomes airborne if disturbed
  • Spores settle on surfaces and thrive on organic materials and moist spaces
  • It is not uncommon for mold to fester within HVAC systems and ductwork
  • You must control the relative humidity levels in your retail location to prevent mold growth
  • Mold often puts out potent, musty odors
  • Due to the potential health effects, it is best to seek help from skilled mold remediation technicians

Keep in mind that even a small mold infestation can turn into something significant in a short period. Our team at SERVPRO of Carol Stream/East Bloomingdale is here to help when you need rapid mold removal at your commercial space. Call (630) 830-6236 to have our crew sent to your business for assessment!

What Can Water Restoration Companies Do?

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

burst pipe When water damage appears and you don't know what to do? Call the pros at SERVPRO for the water mitigation services you need.

Bloomingdale residents benefit from proven methods by water restoration companies like SERVPRO!

Located within lovely DuPage County in the state of Illinois, the village of Bloomingdale is just 25 miles to the west of Chicago. When the 2010 United States Census got taken, Bloomingdale had a population of 22,018 people. 

Taking a peek at Bloomingdale's history, this was one of the earliest villages to be settled within the county. In 1833, the Meacham family put down roots here, followed by another dozen families over the next year. The village split later on in 1923, where the town's northern region got incorporated under the name Roselle. Between 1950 to 1980, the population here increased from 338 people up to 12,659.

Exploring Some Great Attractions Local to Bloomingdale, IL

There is a whole lot that you can see and do in the area, including stunning parks and clean playgrounds for families to spend some time. Several of the most notable and must-see attractions in the area include:

  • Cosley Zoo
  • Bloomingdale Park District Museum
  • Racing Rapids Water Park
  • Fox River Trolley Museum
  • DuPage Children's Museum

If you plan to make a day out of it, you will also find that Bloomingdale is filled with lovely shops and outlet centers. Don't forget to stop by to have coffee or a bite to eat at one of the local eateries or pubs in the area. 

Some popular options to check out for food or entertainment include:

  • Picture Show Movie Theater
  • Wolfden Brewing
  • Anyway's Restaurant
  • Challenge Accepted Escape Room
  • Jameson's Charhouse
  • Urban Air Adventure Park
  • Portillo's Hot Dogs

Another significant point of interest for Bloomingdale is the Stratford Square Mall. This is the largest shopping center in the area, including five major department stores, beautiful indoor landscaping, and over 150 specialty shops and incredible restaurants.

Water Restoration Companies Like SERVPRO Get the Job Done Right the First Time

A broken pipe, a faulty appliance, a mishap in the bathroom with an overflowing tub – these are all reasons to call on a water restoration team for cleanup. If you suffer from a messy water emergency in your Bloomingdale home, SERVPRO makes sure no stone is left unturned. We act fast to clean up all standing water and use moisture detection measures to find hidden pockets throughout the damaged area.

Water restoration companies in Bloomingdale help to cut back on secondary damage. Call SERVPRO if you have interior flooding issues such as:

  • Faulty washing machine hoses
  • Leaking, broken, or burst pipes
  • Water heater malfunction
  • Overflowing tubs, sinks, or toilets
  • Clogging in your drains or sewer lines

Our crew works carefully and efficiently to clear out the water while limiting exposure to unaffected areas of your home. We utilize powerful pumps, extractors, and fans to restore relative humidity throughout your interior. Everything gets wrapped up with the help of EPA-registered cleaning agents, anti-microbials, and deodorizers to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Carol Stream/East Bloomingdale is the team to call when you need one of the best water restoration companies in your area. For 24-hour emergency response, contact our team at (630) 830-6236, and we will dispatch our fleet as soon as possible. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster!

Enjoy A Day Out To The Zoo Near Carol Stream

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

two giraffes together SERVPRO is looking forward to seeing all of the wildlife at the Cosley Zoo!

Cosley Zoo Offers Education and Inspiration To Nature Lovers Near Carol Stream

If you are looking for an educational and delightful day out with your family, pop over to Cosley Zoo at Wheaton. This conservation-conscious zoo aims to help visitors interact with nature in a safe, engaging, and respectful way.

Cosley Zoo is home to over 200 creatures, representing more than 50 different species. You will love the wide range of animals you can meet at the zoo, including:

  • Macaws, woodpeckers, ducks, and vultures.
  • Turtles, skinks, and snakes.
  • Salamanders and frogs.
  • Coyotes, chipmunks, hedgehogs, armadillos, and deer.
  • And many more!

Children aged 17 and under go free. Adult tickets are $8 plus a processing fee. Please note that zoo visits must be booked at the Cosley Zoo website – there are no tickets available on the door.

Fire is just one of the dangers zookeepers must be aware of, and it is a good idea to deal with fire dangers in your home too. If you need a fire company you can rely on, call SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236.

Carol Stream Is A Unique Village With A Unique Namesake

1/10/2021 (Permalink)

flooded living room with brown leather couch floating Don’t panic if flooding affects your home. Contact Team SERVPRO 24/7 for effective water removal services.

Enjoy A Relaxed Way Of Life In This Welcoming Community

Carol Stream is an enchanting Illinois village with a population of just 39,711. It is close enough to Chicago that residents and visitors can enjoy all the big city offers. However, there is no need to go too far afield with so much to enjoy in Carol Stream.

The Carol Stream area has been farmed since around 1840, when a veteran of the War of 1812, Anning S. Ransom, began tilling the land. Vermonter Daniel Kelley came to the area in 1844 and bought 1,400 acres of land, where he and his wife settled to farm Merino sheep. The site was at this time known as Gretna.

The community of Carol Stream was founded in the 1950s. In 2011, Money Magazine named Carol Stream number 49 on its list of 100 best places to live in the United States. It is easy to see why, as the town boasts:

  • An award-winning park district.
  • Plenty of lovely modern homes.
  • A clean and welcoming specially designed downtown area.

Carol Stream Has A Unique Claim To Fame.

Carol Stream is one of just a handful of communities in North America that takes both the first and last name of a living person. Modern-day Carol Stream got started when military veteran Jay W. Stream got tired of red tape. He was stuck in negotiations for a 350 – 400 home development in Naperville, Illinois, and the discussion was going nowhere. A clerk in Naperville told Stream he would be quicker to "build your own town," and so he decided to do precisely that. Stream purchased unincorporated farmland near Wheaton, IL as a potential space for his new town.

In 1957, while her father was in the business of buying land, his daughter Carol was in a frightening accident. Another vehicle hit their car while crossing Route 45 in Kenosha County, killing a young passenger. Carol was flung through the windshield and struck a utility pole, and although she survived, neurosurgeons told her father she might never wake up. They also told her father that good news could help her recovery, and so he decided to name his new town in her honor.

Carol woke up after four months and, thankfully, made a full recovery. She thought having a town named after her was "odd and silly," but she soon grew to love it. Although she never lived in her namesake town, she took part in community celebrations, rode in parades, and was often asked for her autograph when she visited. Carol Stream residents kept her up to date by sending her regular newspaper clippings and messages. Carol was quoted as saying, "I can only say that this town is so lovely because of a lot of hard-working people who have a good sense of pride and respect for their community."

Enjoy The Great Outdoors In Carol Stream

You do not have to go far to enjoy some nature time in Carol Stream. Despite being a small village, Carol Stream is home to a vast network of parks and recreation centers. You can explore 23 miles of trails and paths that connect parks, transportation hubs, and points of interest. Many of the parks also connect to regional trail systems and forest preserves. The trail network makes it easy to access the best of Carol Stream's 40-wide array of parks and playgrounds.

With so many parks to choose from, it is hard to know where to start. Some popular outdoor areas include:

  • McCaslin Park, a multi-use recreational facility with something for everyone. The Park hosts sporting events throughout the season, but there is plenty to do when there are no events scheduled. Kids (and adults!) will love Coyote Crossing Mini Golf. There is a water splash pad, basketball hoops, a volleyball court, and a playground. There is also a picnic shelter with a permanent grill so you can pack some food and spend a few hours.
  • Friendship Park is a small park tucked away in a residential area of Carol Stream. It has plenty of swings suitable for all ages from tots up to teens, and a small picnic shelter. It is an unassuming park but ideal for a quiet afternoon and a picnic with the family.
  • Community Park is located in the Southeast of Carol Stream and offers plenty of amenities for a fun day out. You will find an easy walking path, a fishing pier (license required), peaceful natural areas, several sports areas, and a picnic shelter with a drinking fountain. 
  • Carolshire Park is the newest Park in Carol Stream and was opened in 2019. At the time, local children were playing in an empty parking lot. The new facility boasts ADA-compliant equipment designed to spark children's imaginations and enhance their cognition through play. One top-rated installation is The Twist, an arched ladder apparatus that changes angle with every curve.

Illinois Has Suffered Its Share Of Flood Damage

Unfortunately, communities in Illinois have suffered a hefty amount of flood damage. For example:

  • The 1992 Chicago River flood caused $2 billion of damage.
  • The 1993 Great Mississippi and Missouri Rivers flood caused $15 billion of damage.
  • The 2008 Mississippi River flood caused $3.2 million of damage.

When floods hit, SERVPRO is here to help. Our expert team will arrive on site within four hours of your first call and carry out a thorough assessment of the situation. We start by securing your home and dealing with any immediate dangers such as slip and fall or electrical risks.

Once we have established a safe working space, we put our drying plan into action. We thoroughly extract water from your home and remove any unsalvageable belongings or building materials. Then we clean, restore, and dry your home and belongings.

We can also remove your belongings to our secure warehouse if necessary and bring them back when drying and restoration are complete. We can take textiles and clothes to our facility and use the ESPORTA wash system to clean them.

When we are finished drying your home, we will deodorize it to leave it smelling fresh so we can state, “Like it never even happened.”

For flood damage repair you can trust, call SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236.

Start Your New Year With A Difference – Come and Learn Axe Throwing in Bloomingdale!

1/10/2021 (Permalink)

an axe thrown into a target It will be exciting to see the community enjoying themselves at Bull & Bear Axe!

Try Something New In Bloomingdale This Year

If you are looking for something different to do with friends or family, why not come along to Bull & Bear Axe and learn to throw a blade. Bull & Bear is conveniently located inside Stratford Square Mall.

  • Learn from experienced ax throwers.
  • You will be shown how to throw an ax safely and effectively.
  • Your tutor will guide you through several fun ax throwing games.
  • Suitable for all abilities, even if you have never thrown an ax before.

Ax throwing is ideal for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties with a difference, corporate events, or a memorable night out with friends.

Prices are $24.99 per person for an hour or $34.99 per person for a 90-minute session. Sessions are suitable for up to ten people and must be reserved. Visit the Bull & Bear website for more information.

Of course, we hope your home will be secure while you are out, but should you suffer lousy weather or a broken appliance, SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale can help with water removal. Call us at (630) 830-6236.

Explore a Modernist Architectural Marvel Near Carol Stream

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

a flyer for the museum with a picture of it included It will be exciting to see the community at the Schweikher home for tours!

Carol Stream Locals Invited to Tour a 20th-Century Design Landmark

Carol Stream residents are cordially welcomed to the Schweikher home and studio in nearby Schaumburg. This home was crafted in 1938 as a unique fusion of eastern and western design sentiments for the twentieth century. Carol Stream residents can tour this house on South Meacham Road on Friday, December 18, from 11:00 a.m. to noon or from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Your docent (tour guide) covers the following during the tour, which primarily takes place on one floor of the home:

  • The chronology of the Schweikher home’s construction and inspirations
  • More about the life and Modernist sentiments of architect and owner Paul Schweikher
  • The history of the second owners, the Langsdorfs

Tour participants should arrive at least ten minutes before the tour begins. Visitors are asked to wear masks and observe social distancing protocols during their tour. They can either take off shoes or wear facility-provided shoe coverings to preserve the property. Photography is highly encouraged.

SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale renders commercial water damage mitigation for Carol Stream facilities when owners call (630) 830-6236.

Watch Carol Stream Live Music Performances

12/10/2020 (Permalink)

a drumset on stage for a performance SERVPRO is looking forward to the live showcase of The Nielsen Trust!

Watch Cheap Trick Alumni Wow Carol Stream Audiences

On December 10, BHouse LIVE is showcasing The Nielsen Trust at Brauer House on Borth Rohlwing Street in Lombard, just 20 minutes from Carol Stream. Two members of Cheap Trick, Rick and Daxx Nielsen, are touring with new band members Miles Nielsen and Kelly Steward. The evening is packed with music that tells stories that span across generations that are personal and unique to the Nielsens.

Ticket options include:

  • General admission tickets are $25 on the day of the show, or $22 if purchased in advance
  • The first two tiers of VIP tickets cover front row barstool seats and side stage seating for $75 and $50, respectively
  • The $160 VIP tier provides a front-row table and a bucket of SweetWater beers for a party of four

Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the show starts at eight. Brauer House patrons get free parking and a discounted rate at the Comfort Suites Lombard-Addison across the street from the venue.

SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale offers rapid-response fire restoration for Carol Stream locals who call (630) 830-6236.

Bloomingdale Homeowners Receive Emergency-Response Cleanup and Rebuilding Services 24/7, Including All Holidays

12/5/2020 (Permalink)

a cartoon house in the middle of a thunderstorm Excess water after a storm can quickly affect your home and cause flood damage. Call in the experts for water removal and remediation services.

SERVPRO Professionals Provide Faster To Any Size Disaster Cleanup for Bloomingdale Properties When Owners Call (630) 830-6236

The village of Bloomingdale, Illinois, has a long and storied history in DuPage County. Not only is Bloomingdale one of the oldest settlements in the area, but it is also one of the most crucial to the development of northwest Chicago. The settlement, then known as Meacham’s Grove, featured an oft-used highway and stagecoach stop on modern-day Lake Street in its earliest days. 

Bloomingdale used to be part of Cook County but was annexed by DuPage County in 1839. Today, Bloomingdale’s population is over 22,000, with almost 190 years of history under its belt. This Chicago suburb is considered one of the best places to live in Illinois, and its bicentennial occurs in 2033.

One of the most prominent shopping hubs in Bloomingdale, the Stratford Square Mall, opened in 1981. Even today, it offers the potential for new businesses to thrive. Namdar Realty Group acquired the property in October 2019 from the previous owners, Feldman Mall Properties, and plans to improve the property while maintaining public safety precautions for existing businesses. Other major shopping areas include the bustling Woodfield Mall and Old Town Bloomingdale at Lake Street and Bloomingdale Road.

Other points of interest in Bloomingdale include several options for recreation, dining, and entertainment, such as:

  • Wolfden Brewing
  • Urban Air Adventure Park
  • The Bloomingdale Park District Museum
  • The Oasis Water Park
  • Meacham Grove Nature Preserve

The Founding of Bloomingdale

Bloomingdale’s history as a settlement began over five millennia before its founding by the Meachams. The prairies and marshes were home to valuable natural resources like sandstone, flint, granite, and a groundwater spring. The primary settlement for indigenous peoples is speculated to be near Bloomingdale Road and Schick Road.

The first American colonists moved in from New York and Vermont, with the Meacham family primary among them. Lyman Meacham scouted out the land before inviting his brothers Daniel, Harvey, and Silas to move out to the fertile land. The family spent the first year camping among the local indigenous peoples and sharing resources with them.

The Meacham's laid claim to over 1,200 acres that were rich with lumber and fertile farmland. They eventually leased land to at least a dozen more families who moved into the area. Access to Meacham’s Grove was made even easier by the construction of a state road from there to Galena, as well as the road from the Meacham estate to Chicago. Stagecoach travel from Bloomingdale to Chicago took approximately four hours.

Only six years after the Meacham family’s 1833 settlement, Bloomingdale became a firmly-established village that would soon be part of a land boom. During this period, early settlers grabbed hundreds of acres for as little as $1.50 per acre.

Over the next several decades, Bloomingdale Township would expand westward and focus on crafting infrastructure and establishing local governments. Bloomingdale was officially incorporated in 1889 as part of DuPage County.

Bloomingdale in the 20th Century

The growth and development of infrastructure in Bloomingdale continued steadily into the 1900s. However, many conflicts arose from most projects operating in tandem with the northern settlement of Roselle. New developments for the hamlet in the early 20th century included:

  • Establishing speed limits for automobiles as early as 1904
  • Gas lines were laid in the city in 1916 by The Western United Gas and Electric Company
  • Electricity was implemented in 1924, though most homes would not have it until well into the 1930s

After the Second World War, expansion continued at an accelerated pace, including acquiring the town’s first marked police car, opening the first official fire protection district, and founding subdivisions like Suncrest and Indian Lakes. From 1950 to 1960 alone, the population almost quadrupled from 338 to 1,262 residents.

In the 1960s, Bloomingdale implemented a full-time police department, a new school, and a new post office. In the 1970s, the town’s gradual expansion continued at the expense of a nearby forest packed with centuries-old trees. In the 1980s, the town celebrated its sesquicentennial. While the local government focused on pushing ever forward, Bloomingdale citizens also took care to honor their history and roots.

How Do SERVPRO Technicians Mitigate Flooding Odors in Bloomingdale?

SERVPRO has the tools and techniques necessary to mitigate Bloomingdale flood damage and return homes to a clean, safe, preloss state. Several methods, from the traditional to the technologically sophisticated, are crucial to the successful removal of flood damage odors:

  • One of the initial methods used for odor control is spraying with EPA-registered biocides. This process can be performed with a pump or trigger sprayer to minimize odors and curb microbial growth during the cleanup process
  • Technicians take care to demolish odorous structures that are more cost-effective to replace, like moldy drywall. Technicians perform removal of irreparably flood-damaged odor sources with the informed permission of homeowners and insurance adjusters
  • Thermal fogging is another essential process for addressing flood damage odors in one or more rooms. Water- or solvent-based deodorizers are released as a wet fog that saturates surfaces, much like water damage does, to eliminate odors at the particle level
  • Ventilation box fans can exchange over 3,000 cubic feet of air per minute and fill the home with clean, fresh air before and after deodorization

Odor control is a crucial part of the flood damage mitigation process. This aspect of flooding can indicate mold or other contaminants, such as sewage or chemical runoff. Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) accredited pros like those at SERVPRO can quickly detect and eliminate these odors per restoration industry standards to minimize structural and property losses.

SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale ensures that homes look and feel, “Like it never even happened.” Call (630) 830-6236 for rapid-response disaster mitigation and restoration services.