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Heavy Rains Can Mean Flood Damage in Bloomingdale

8/11/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO heavy rains can ruin your Bloomingdale home, let us help you through the water.

We know the big points to help when it comes to your Bloomingdale flood damage. 

Residents of Bloomingdale find it hard to forget the torrential rains we received just a few months ago. Totals of three to five inches caused many households to suffer flooding woes. If you avoided disaster the last time,  it is still prudent to consider proactive steps that minimize the possibility of significant floods inside your home the next time extreme weather patterns sweep in from the west. Step one is to have our emergency number on speed dial.

Homeowners in Bloomingdale fearing flood damage can take several practical actions to minimize the effects of extreme weather patterns. Start by inspecting the lower levels of your home. Look for simple adaptations you can make to protect items, furnishings, and equipment.

SERVPRO often sees substantial flood damage to storage areas in basements. Consider moving items to a higher space inside your home. If they must stay in a lower level, replace cardboard boxes with plastic totes or pick up some inexpensive or free wooden pallets to raise the containers several inches above the floor.

Look into installing appropriate risers under appliances like washers and dryers to ensure they do not rust or become an electrocution hazard if floodwaters invade. Clear access to water, gas, and electrical shut-offs so SERVPRO can reach them quickly. Also, remove any items close to your heating and cooling systems installed in a flood-prone area.

Think about installing a sump pump or make sure the one you have is working well and all maintenance is up to date. Even if SERVPRO needs to amplify its effort in catastrophic scenarios, the immediate water removal action of a sump pump makes a real difference.

Check your gutters and downspouts. If they operate as intended, thousands of gallons of water directed away from your foundation. Arrange for repair and replacement if indicated. Look for cracks or other deterioration of the foundation itself and have those issues addressed.

SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale supports any action you can take to avoid flood damage the next time multiple inches of rainfall in a short time. If you have questions or experience flood damage despite your best intentions, call (630) 830-6236.

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Our Rapid Response Crew Can Restore Your Home In Bloomingdale To Pre-Damage Condition

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

We provide emergency restoration services that could prevent expensive permanent damages after a storm.

Rapid Response Units For Flood Damage In Bloomingdale

One of the valuable services our crew provides to this community is our emergency services. We understand that flooding does not occur during regular office hours which is why we operate a rapid response unit for residents in need. This unit involves placing technicians on call throughout the night to ensure that, in an emergency, we can arrive on site as quickly as possible and perform vital mitigation tasks to prevent permanent property damages.

Our rapid response team focuses mainly on helping residents with flood damage in Bloomingdale. One of the critical parts a SERVPRO restorer performs is to make an assessment of your home and carry out tasks for mitigation of loss, security, and safety in your home. These can include spotting potential hazards, restoring electricity, testing floors & ceilings for structural weakness and removing debris.

The external parts of your home can suffer damages in a flood scenario. Rushing water as little as two feet high can tear up trees and move vehicles, so it is not uncommon for doors or windows to be broken as water enters the home. If the flooding is a result of extreme weather conditions, falling branches or trees can damage your roofing. The SERVPRO rapid response unit can perform emergency board-ups to prevent water from getting in throughout the night as well as ensuring your home remains secure.

In severe storms, bringing in third-party contractors to remodel or repair structural areas of the home may be a necessity. Our job is to prepare the site and create a safe work space for building work to begin. We can also remove excess quantities of water using gas pumps alongside extraction units to make sure your floors or furnishings do not suffer from prolonged exposure to moisture.

Drying the internal structure and contents is an essential task SERVPRO carry out to limit losses during a rapid response call-out. To achieve an appropriately dry level, we can place air movers and dehumidifiers onsite. Rapid air-movers use hot air to evaporate moisture into the air. Dehumidifiers then draw that moisture from the air and can be useful in pulling absorbed moisture out of wood, concrete or fabrics.

We provide emergency restoration services that could prevent expensive permanent damages after a storm, contact SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236.

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How Our Technicians Control Humidity After A Flood Has Damaged Your Bloomingdale Home

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

Professional help is available 24/7, contact SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236.

Controlling Humidity In Your Bloomingdale Home After Flood Damage

The type and scale of property damages caused by flooding are limitless. In the US alone, there have been billions of dollars worth of restoration over the past year. Caused by heavy rainfall and other extreme weather conditions the impact of flash flooding requires professional assistance to get your home back to its preloss condition.

There are many different types of flood damage in Bloomingdale properties that means any effective restoration agency needs to adopt a varied approach. Water imbibes almost anything it comes into contact with, meaning that damages to your home could be hazardous or contain pathogens. In the case of extreme weather, there may be significant debris in need of removal.

SERVPRO is here to help assess, repair and restore your home. As part of our service, we can perform emergency board-ups using tarpaulins or wood panels to help mitigate damages during the restoration procedure. If the power has been shut off, we can re-establish it or bring in temporary generators. Loose debris, as well as sewage, can be disposed of properly in line with federal and state law.

Excessive amounts of water in the home can increase the humidity levels. SERVPRO uses Hygrometers to test humidity in both the affected zone and in other areas of the house. High humidity levels can cause mold or mildew growth, so it is vital to ascertain your home's natural humidity and restore that in areas of the home that have fallen victim to flooding.

Where there is an imbalance in humidity levels, we can bring in desiccant dehumidifiers. SERVPRO uses this equipment to help draw moisture out of the air, which may have been evaporated during the drying procedure. Desiccant chemicals releasing into the air draw the evaporated moisture out re-establishing the natural 'dry level' that is found throughout your home. This process can help restore your home to pre-flood conditions and reduce the likelihood of permanent damages after the event.

Professional help is available 24/7, contact SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236.

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Our Highly Skilled Technicians Can Restore Your Home In Glendale Heights After A Flood

1/9/2019 (Permalink)

Call (630) 830-6236 to schedule an assessment if winter weather exposes your home to flood damage.

Glendale Heights Residents Need Reliable Flood Damage Remediation In All Seasons

Flooding disasters in Glendale Heights can strike any time of the year. Extreme weather patterns bring heavy precipitation of various forms, including a wintry mix of snow, sleet, ice, and rain during the colder months. The weight can cause roofs to collapse, allowing moisture inside. Liquid water also can seep through a foundation when the frozen ground does not absorb the freezing slush. Professional mitigation assistance is necessary to contain and remove the water, and then to restore the damage done.

Flood damage in Glendale Heights is a severe problem, necessitating the completion of a series of recovery procedures. Draining and drying out the water must occur to preserve the integrity of a residence’s structural components. We offer our customers powerful extraction and drying equipment and trained technicians to operate it to halt the destructive flood waters bring.

Job one is identifying the source of the flooding and securing your home from further leaks. SERVPRO provides tarping and boarding up services when exterior damage leads to water incursion. While securing your premises, we unload commercial grade pumps and water extractors to evacuate the water. Each of our service vehicles stocks water removal equipment, powered if necessary with generators to avoid delay in getting the flood water out.

Our technicians measure moisture levels and use thermal scanning devices to locate hidden caches of water. This additional moisture is released and removed. If needed we drill holes in mortar joints or make flood cuts above the water level to give access to the trapped moisture. SERVPRO technicians then calculate drying goals, positioning air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to move moisture out of structural components into the air as water vapor that we then condense or absorb for removal.

Flood waters almost by definition are contaminated. Overland flooding exposes a home to chemicals and debris picked up as the water collects and moves. Water that gathers inside a home can include sewer backup. Even fresh water quickly transforms into gray or black because of molds or other pathogens that multiply when exposed to moisture. Fast removal of the water, structural drying, and treatment of affected surfaces with EPA registered antimicrobials all help to prepare your home for the restoration of flooded areas by your chosen contractor.

SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale offers customers fast and efficient flood damage remediation. Call (630) 830-6236 to schedule an assessment if winter weather exposes your home to flood damage.

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The Main Event: When Water Main Breaks Cause Flooding in Your Glen Ellyn Home

10/30/2018 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO Green Fleet is ready to remove water from your home.

Water Main Breaks Lead to Flooding in Glen Ellyn Homes

The public water supply gets distributed to homes throughout Glen Ellyn via a series of pipes ranging in diameter based on the homes the particular line supplies. Stresses like vehicles, shifts in the ground, and exposure to abrasive rocks and sand can break these supply lines throughout a neighborhood, causing water to rush out of the ground at an alarming rate. Nearby homes caught in the path of the moving water could experience flooding until the appropriate valves can get turned off to stop the flow from the broken pipe.

As unexpected as this flooding could be for your Glen Ellyn residence, overcoming its effects is something that you want to seek to do immediately. The longer that standing water pools against construction materials and the contents of your home, the more damage it can do to these elements. Our SERVPRO technicians can respond quickly in an emergency like this to help you mitigate your loss and make a plan specific to efficiently restoring your home.

Our technicians can begin the process by extracting the water from the affected areas of your home using portable pumps or truck-mounted options from our SERVPRO Green Fleet. Once the excess has gotten removed, we can set our sights on handling the moisture, dampness and saturation concerns for the environment and materials affected by the emergency.

A critical element to the water restoration work that our team does is drying the area thoroughly. Dropping the relative humidity levels throughout an affected area not only aids in the preservation of the affected materials but can also help to prevent secondary effects from occurring. Mold spores can seat and colonize within a couple of days in damp conditions, drying out these areas can limit the possibility of this happening.

While you cannot predict what could happen through municipal water systems throughout your community, you can help to limit the effect that flooding might have on your home over a long-term basis. Trust in our SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale emergency response team to help you preserve what matters most and restore the damaged elements of your home. Give us a call anytime disaster strikes at (630) 830-6236.

The College of DuPage, one of the nation's largest community colleges is located in Glen Ellyn.  Click here for more information.

Securing Professional Flood Restoration For Your Bloomingdale Home

8/8/2018 (Permalink)

One of the most challenging disasters for Bloomingdale residents to overcome in their houses is a flood.

Professional Flood Restoration

One of the most challenging disasters for Bloomingdale residents to overcome in their houses is a flood. With the speed in which this crisis is upon you to the damage that it can do in such a brief period, it can be overwhelming to contend with all of the effects of a natural disaster like this on your own. Professional restoration services are a good way to get the damage taken care of correctly and far more quickly than you could on your own.

One thing that you should keep in mind about flood damages affecting your Bloomingdale residence is the likelihood that others in the area have suffered the same effects that you have. While our SERVPRO professionals work to help all the community as efficiently as possible, the faster that you can secure this professional restoration work, the sooner that you can return your home to preloss conditions.

Our team can arrive quickly to begin assessing the damage that the flooding allowed in your house, but also work to lessen the immediate effects of this natural disaster in your home. Mitigation is a significant part of the restoration process, allowing it to be more efficient overall and to help keep your costs to a minimum to get this work done.

SERVPRO technicians lead the industry regarding our extensive training and certifications, allowing us to use the state-of-the-art equipment and practices to thoroughly clean and dry your home once flooding has occurred. Extraction plays one of the biggest roles in the restoration work, as pooling water can negatively affect your residence in several different ways. Drying involves several pieces of our equipment and gets accomplished beyond industry standards to ensure that your house is no longer at risk for compounding damages like mold and microbial growth.

A flood might give you little notice for the damage that it can do, but you can reach out to the professional restoration team of SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale just as quickly. Our experience and rapid response can help you get your home back to the way it should be as soon as possible. Give us a call anytime at (630) 830-6236.

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Mitigation and Restoration of a Home with Flood Damage in Addison

6/4/2018 (Permalink)

Moisture readers like this help us pinpoint the areas affected by flood damage

Restoring flood damage to your home

Flooding can remain slight and only a few inches to cause problems for a home in Addison. While a loss of life rarely happens when floodwaters rise only slightly, the amount of damage done to the houses and businesses in the affected area can steadily rise with time. This increase in restoration costs increases because the interiors of buildings steadily but slowly sustain additional damages from the elevated moisture trapped inside them.

Homeowners in Addison can avoid this ongoing increase of flood damage in their property with restorative mitigation services. SERVPRO technicians receive continuing training and education and earn certifications from the IICRC in various fields in restoration science. We carry out the tasks of clearing away debris and ruined materials, help you decide on the care or disposal of personal belongings, and mitigate the odors left behind after we extract the standing water invading your home.

We also perform the drying out procedures needed to restore the home's interior to a reasonable range of humidity. Replacing damaged materials in a still-damp home only invites microbial populations to colonize inside where they can destroy new and existing materials. Water damage can also steadily happen until we remove excess moisture.

SERVPRO also partners with licensed electricians and other contractors to help ensure that your home's interior not only looks perfect again but also that it functions safely for you and your family members. Flooding can severely damage electrical conduits and destroy wiring. While everything may seem intact, system components can contain rust, corrosion, and even small breaks that can lead to fire or electrical shock. Finding these damaged areas requires a skilled and licensed electrician who can perform the necessary testing. After any electrical or other utility services' components function correctly and safely can we then begin the restorative work needed by bringing in new materials to replace the ones we removed from your home.

Cleaning your home's surfaces and ensuring that pathogens do not pose a risk to any occupants helps remove some of the odor-causing material, as does removing the debris left behind. When odors persist, as they often do, we can eliminate these smells with odor control techniques.

SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale can help your family move back home faster after a disaster involving flood damage. Getting things back to normal greatly reduces the ongoing stress most families experience after such a disaster. Call us 24/7, any time of the year, at our local number, (630) 830-6236, if you live in the Glen Ellyn, Hanover Park, or Wheaton areas.

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Protecting Your Belongings Before Flood Damage in West Chicago

5/8/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says Place Electronics High Above a Floodline If Storms Threaten West Chicago

SERVPRO Tip--Prepare for Impending Flooding by Protecting Your Possessions

While flood damage in West Chicago can come suddenly and without much time to prepare, there are some things you can do in advance to help mitigate your financial losses in the disaster. Many valuable belongings in the average American home are very susceptible to water and especially flood damage, but some manageable mindfulness can help to protect these objects from all but the worst disasters. Make use of these protective measures to better survive any future disasters in your home.
Make Use of Airtight Bins and High Places
Airtight plastic containers can very effectively protect many smaller objects in your West Chicago home from flood damage. These containers and bins should be cheap and plentiful at nearby grocery stores, as they are commonly used to seal and store food for extended periods of time. Electronics, jewelry, clothing, and other belongings can be organized, stored, and protected with these bins, especially if they are placed in cabinets or shelves high above where floodwaters usually reach. Big-box home improvement centers offer a wide range of waterproof containers, especially for larger items or amounts.
Cover Electronics in Plastic Sheets
If you know a flood may arrive soon, you may be able to protect larger electronics and water-sensitive objects by wrapping them in plastic. While these sheets may offer little protection against physical damage and standing water, they may be able to provide enough resistance to light flooding to save expensive belongings. By keeping the high humidity after water intrusion off these devices can keep chips and microswitches dry. Plastic tarps or sheets are ideal for this purpose, but plastic wrap and tape can also help.
Remove Furniture Cushions
While moving furniture before a flood hits may be impossible, you may be able to mitigate damage to couches, chairs, and other objects by removing cushions and pillows. These should be relatively easy to remove and place high above floodwaters. This removal and elevation help to prevent color bleed in the fabric and reduces the risk of mold damage later on.
SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale provides expert flood damage mitigation and restoration services for homeowners in the area. Call us at the first sign of flood damage to your home at (630) 830-6236.

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Older Glendale Heights Homes are More Prone to Flood Damage

4/7/2018 (Permalink)

If your home suffers damage after a flash flood, call our SERVPRO technicians to restore your home and prevent further damage.

Call SERVPRO as Soon as Possible if You Experience Flood Damage in Your Home

Your Glendale Heights home might not be as well prepared for flash flooding as you thought. The problem could go all the way back to the home’s initial construction, what sort of drainage had gotten installed to divert water away from the foundation of your home. French drains are now understood to play a critical role in water diversion from this vulnerable area of your house, but if your home does not have one installed, you are just biding your time until the blocks used in the construction of the basement floor of your home weaken enough to allow water penetration.

Modern construction is very heavy-laden with water diversion equipment and waterproofing on the exterior (and even interior) to prevent flood damage to your Glendale Heights residence. Unfortunately, if your home got built even a few decades ago, a lot of what gets deemed critical processes now merely was not that crucial to protecting your home back then to residential contractors. The downside is that your home is inherently weaker and more prone to the damage that excessive water from natural disasters can do.

When water can penetrate vulnerable gaps and crevices in the joints of the blockwork used in the construction of your basement, these points become weaker and broader the more exposure they endure. Soon, water can enter your home unabated, which in a situation like flash flooding, could prove disastrous. Your best solution is reaching out to SERVPRO quickly to help limit the damage to the structural components of your home and help to prevent irreparable damages to the contents of what you store on the lower levels of your house.

Extraction is a large part of the process, but even this is only effective for a short time. The real solution to your problem, coinciding with the restoration process, is to repair the damage present in the foundation of your home. This solution might include installing a sump pump in the basement or could be as simple as repairing vulnerable areas of the block with a patch of hydraulic cement.

Restoration of your home following flood damage is something that should happen as quickly as possible. The longer that you wait, the more that structural elements can weaken and the likelihood increases that they need to get replaced. Contact SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale today at (630) 830-6236.

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Protecting Your Lombard Home's Garage From Flood Damage

2/20/2018 (Permalink)

One of the first areas affected by excess water after a storm is the garage of your Lombard area home.

Protecting Your From Flood Damage

One of the first areas affected by excess water after a storm is the garage of your Lombard area home. Flooding here can lead to significant damages that also prevent you from performing daily activities. However, you can help prevent flooding in your garage by following a few simple tips.

If you find yourself dealing with flood damage of any kind on your Lombard area property, call a professional for help eliminating the problem immediately. Remember, taking swift; decisive action can help prevent additional damages, contamination, and corrosion that takes a severe toll on your home over time.

Provide your garage with the proper protection against water intrusion by maintaining weatherstripping or water sealants where necessary. Seals around your garage door, windows, and doors can efficiently prevent minor flooding. However, these seals degrade over time, so maintenance is essential to prevent significant damage to your property.

You can have your home and garage inspected by a qualified professional that understands how water behaves. SERVPRO can help you identify existing problems and give you suggestions about which steps to take to protect your property. Things such as checking your foundation for cracks or additional damage can prevent water from seeping into your home, making unprotected areas less vulnerable during a flood.

Have the drainage around your home maintained regularly. Broken gutters and downspouts play a significant role in protecting your home, as does drainage, backflow valves, and sump pumps. Having the proper drainage installed along your driveway can help lead excess water away from your structure, serving as a second line of defense against flooding.

When flood barriers or sandbags fail, the installation of flood vents allows flood waters to enter and exit your garage unobstructed, preventing water build-up that allows standing water to damage your property and stored belongings. SERVPRO technicians can help you prepare your garage and home against flood damage that might occur in your area.

SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale has IICRC certified technicians available 24-hours a day, giving you full access to the personnel, equipment, and resources needed to clean and restore your home successfully, today (630) 830-6236.

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Sudden Flood Damage Incidents To Your Lombard Home

1/4/2018 (Permalink)

Basement Water-Proofing Can Mitigate Flood Damage in Lombard

Foundations Can Suffer from Broken Water Lines Needing Fast Help from SERVPRO

Main lines are a critical component of a water distribution system. When a line breaks or ruptures near your Lombard home, the highly pressurized water contained in the pipe finds the path of least resistance to the surface and erupt violently. Until utility workers can shut the portion of the line down for repairs, thousands of gallons of water can flow from the ground and onto your neighboring property.
As unfortunate as this occurrence might be, it gets worse when your foundation is not built to prevent water penetration from this sudden flooding event adequately. Even once the water line has been successfully shut down, and the crew is working to repair it, you get left with a substantial amount of water pooling in your lower levels. This flood damage to your Lombard home might seem overwhelming, but you do not have to go about it alone. This is not a simple water removal event, but more like a catastrophic natural weather circumstance.
Our experienced SERVPRO professionals work quickly to ensure that the present water is not allowed to get any worse. If water is still accessing your home, our priority is to first close off the points of entry temporarily with hydraulic cement. The sealing allows our team to resume water extraction efforts and drying to remove potential threats for more extensive damages. We may require partnering with other companies to mitigate on-going water intrusion adequately.
The extraction process in these cases likely involves a pump truck from our fleet, as this is the most efficient means of removing high volumes of water. Given that even with a fast response time to the main line break, valves are not able to be instantaneously shut off, meaning that you are contending with substantial water in your basement level.
Our SERVPRO technicians thoroughly dry the area using air movers and other equipment to prevent the possibility of mold growth. Once the initial damage gets restored in the basement, infrared cameras are used to determine if water damage exists out of the line of sight. The inspection ensures that no damage might have missed our initial inspection, and offers you peace of mind that the issues have gotten resolved completely.
While flood damage to your Lombard home might not always happen as you might expect, there is always someone that can help you to clean up the mess. You can reach us at SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale anytime at (630) 830-6236.

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Pop Up Pool Floods House in Carol Stream

7/16/2017 (Permalink)

Above ground pools can break leaving a large amount of water that needs somewhere to go. If your house has been flooded, call SERVPRO.

Technicians at SERVPRO Arrive Equipped to Dry Out Your House After a Flooding Incident

During hot summer days, it is difficult to deflect the pleas of little ones who want to cool off in a backyard pool. Options are available that set up quickly and hold enough water to ease those afternoon hot waves. When the unexpected happens, and the pool water flows into your living area, SERVPRO has the experience and a plan to abate the backyard flood.
In-ground pools are expensive and used only a few months out of the year in our climate. Your family took advantage of a sale on a large above-ground pool, and the good times were rolling until the pool structure split. The resulting flood damaged your Carol Stream home, sending nearly 3000 gallons of water into your walkout family room and utility areas.
As with any flood, SERVPRO technicians arrive with powerful truck mounted pumps and water extractors. If the force of the water knocks out electrical power in your house temporarily, we are set to go. Our crew assures itself that the circuits in the basement are shut off for safety, and work to extract the flooding. Once the majority of water is gone, rely on our trained technicians to turn to high-efficiency water vacuums, systematically extracting residual moisture from your family room carpet. Care must be taken not to stretch the carpeting, and to gain access top and bottom for air movers, we may lift it after extraction.
Summer can be a high humidity season in Chicago’s Western suburbs, urging our work crew to measure moisture levels carefully once the drying cycle begins. Central air conditioning helps reduce moisture, but we often add dehumidifiers to speed the reduction. The contents of your backyard pool are considered slightly contaminated, gray water which has the potential to accelerate mold growth. The faster SERVPRO reduces the overall moisture content in your family room, the better.
We evaluate the furnishings, toys, books, and electronics in the path of the flood for water damage, staging any that need special attention off the carpet in the utility area or the garage. Nonporous items can be towel dried, but documents or books may need evaluation for freeze drying, a procedure that removes water vapor without saturating the paper. This strategy is a somewhat costly procedure, so we work with you to choose the most important papers and books to recover.
Do not let a sunny afternoon at the pool destroy your summer. If pool malfunctions flood your basement, SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale is ready to help. Call (630) 830-6236 for a speedy restoration.

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Storm Damage can Affect Wheaton Area Home, Leading to Expensive Repairs

6/3/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Water and Tree Removal in Wheaton? Call SERVPRO

Rapid Water Removal by SERVPRO Mitigates Storm Effects

Storms can bring a good strong rain that benefits a city in many ways, but that same storm can also be destructive in other respects. Many of the worst types of damage are immediately apparent, but not all. Some storms let water into your home, and others cause structural damage.

Residents who enjoy the renewal of the area in the Spring also know that storm damage in Wheaton is sometimes an aspect that comes with the warmer months. A tree falling on your home creates not only a tremendous noise but also physical vibrations that can often be felt by anyone at home when it happens. Other problems a storm can cause are much quieter and can last longer than the storm's duration.
When water enters your home because of a crushed roof, this water can damage everything between the shingles and the basement. It can become a major headache for any homeowner. Water can be very damaging because it fills microscopic spaces within and around the cells and fibers of many of the materials used within a home. As water evaporates and the material dries, its shape often has been changed. Insulation can compress, and drywall can remain swollen-looking, for two examples.
Water does not always come into a home through the roof or upper walls because a tree has fallen. Storm water systems can become clogged with debris and mud, particularly if new construction has changed the way water drains in a larger area of a city. The building of roads and other structures like homes or shopping malls miles away create shifts in the terrain that can affect your home dramatically in regards to how nearby water might act. These changes might seem inconsequential until sewage backs up into your home.
Our technicians are trained in exactly that manner and have IICRC certifications showing their skill sets. Combined with our experience, storm damage has little chance of spreading beyond its initial area in your home. Stopping other areas in your home from becoming damaged is crucial to keeping the repairs from becoming increasingly expensive. Swift water extraction typically mitigates secondary water damage.
Calling SERVPRO of Carol Stream / East Bloomingdale at (630) 830-6236, when your home suffers any storm damage. Because storms can happen at any time of the day or night, we are always available to take your call, and we are always Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Preparing an Emergency Storm Kit

8/30/2016 (Permalink)

Be prepared for any storm.

A disaster supplies kit such as an emergency storm kit is important to have in advance.  During an emergency you might have to evacuate on a moment’s notice.  Preparation is the key.

What to include:

1 gallon of water per person per day

Water purification kit

Essential medications

First-aid kit

Ready-to-eat, non-perishable foods

Manual can opener

Sanitation Items such as trash bags and rubber gloves


Battery-powered radio

1 Blanket per person


Seasonal clothing

Even with all of these supplies, there are still documents you may want to consider having as well.  I would start with a bright colored bag.  The bright color is important so you can find the bag easily when the time comes for it.  Inside this brightly colored bag, there should be more zip lock bags to hold your documents.

Documents to include:

Driver’s license or other form of photo ID

Emergency contact list

Vital documents such as birth certificates, wills, and passports

Photocopies of credit and debit cards

Extra keys

Insurance policies

Bank account information

Most importantly, be realistic about what you can carry. 

Storms in the Chicagoland

6/22/2015 (Permalink)

Staying prepared will help you keep your home or business calm and collected when natural disaters strike. Check out our tips for water damage so your ready for the coming storm.